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  • Birth 8/27/1993 Founder of Sherman Records Artist under Sherman Record, Richard Myles is Sherman Gaskins Jr close mentor, Sherman stage name where decide from his birth name Sherman Gaskins Jr and the choice following the recording the artist career started by meeting Richard Myles after involvements in the MFL Sherman leads the Sherman Records along with Richard Myles.

Career Bio

  • During the late 90's, The hip-hop artist was in the sate South Carolina when he record his first music track. In the early 2000's Sherman Gaskins Jr was involve with a neighborhood rap group which consist of 4 friends and a relative. In Sherman Gaskins Jr last year in high school Sherman Gaskins Jr turn his famous life to a Facebook Page.Increase fame by adding over 330 post of lyrics. After Facebook and last year of high school Sherman Gaskins Jr.Then Sherman Gaskins Jr became part of a artist name Rude-boy music association group call SSE (SowavySplashEndless). Prior to the years, Sherman Gaskins Jr was position under Richard Myles in record company name Sherman Records. After brought into a celebrity life with debut from the record label Sherman Records owner Richard Myles. Later to new business relationship, Sherman Gaskins Jr became the CEO to the company from owner decision. Also being apart Illuminati committee Sherman Gaskins Jr. Elder relatives influence Sherman Gaskins Jr the life of a Free Masonry. Creating a new turn to HIP HOP Music Sherman Gaskins Jr made his own name a popular. Next to other artist who's inspired Hip Hop. Sherman Gaskins Jr is artist of young and old generation Hip Hop music.Sherman Gaskins Jr has great abilities to change the Hip Hop Music.


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Collection (2018)

Label: Sherman Records

Length: 2:01:49

Release: Google Play Store

Vital statistics
Position Recording Artist

C.E.O Songwriter

Age 24
Status 08/27/1993
Physical attributes
Height n/a
Weight n/a

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